Aseh Tours reveals exclusive one day tour packages to the Mount Kinabalu National Park 

Aseh Tours make it possible for guests to enjoy the Mount Kinabalu National Park in all its splendid glory. Now offering a day excursion, Aseh Tours guarantee that when guests explore this park in twenty four hours, they will have a marvellous time.
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Sabah, Malaysia ( March 14, 2013 - Malaysia, 12 December, 2012 - Located in the northern part of Borneo is Sabah. A vast mountainous region which hasn't been developed by humans, the Mount Kinabalu National Park is found here. First designated as such in 1964, an abundance of nature continues to flourish. From over three hundred species of birds to unique fauna which isn't found anywhere else, the Mount Kinabalu National Park has to be seen in order to be believed. To experience its wonders, Aseh Tours are proud to announce that a one day tour package is now available.

A one day Mount Kinabalu package departs early in the morning. After a one and a half hour drive which passes through picturesque villages which haven't changed in generations, the guided tour begins at 11am. A ranger will point out the local fauna which is only found in the Mount Kinabalu National Park as well as others which have been replanted. There is a break at 1pm where guests can enjoy a delicious lunch and the tour resumes a short while after. The Nepenthes Garden, which overlooks the Mount Kinabalu National Park, is explored in the afternoon which has a considerable number of pitcher plants. A huge area, it is enjoyed in detail and the tour ends with a refreshing cup of coffee which can be drunk whilst guests sit back and watch the world pass them by.

A one day Mount Kinabalu package is a fantastic experience because it enables guests to savour this delightful part of the world in a very short space of time. Competitively priced, it won't take long to arrive at the Mount Kinabalu National Park. This is because the park is situated only a couple of miles away from the local airport. Consequently, soon after arriving in Borneo, guests won't have to travel a very long way once their plane touches down in order to enjoy this incredibly beautiful part of the world.


Aseh Tours offer many excursions in the Mount Kinabalu National Park. As well as trips which last for several days that enable those who choose them to see the vast majority of the park, Aseh Tours now offer a one day package which allows guests to see the abundance of fauna which is in this very attractive part of the world.


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