Is 15 Too Young for Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

In light of a recent plastic surgery article in the UK, Dr. Elliot Heller addresses why 15 is too young for a girl to have buttock fillers or breast augmentation in New Jersey.
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Edison, NJ ( March 11, 2013 - EDISON, MARLBORO AND WARREN, NEW JERSEY - Regarding breast and butt augmentation, when is a girl old enough to have plastic surgery? For one UK mother, that age is 15.

In an article published on February 21, Karen and Jennifer Lopez opened up about their cosmetic surgeries that began at the age of 14. The procedures include liposuction, breast augmentation, buttock fillers and rhinoplasty.

Since most reputable surgeons refuse plastic surgery for patients under the age of 18, Lesley Lopez arranged for her daughters to have their surgeries performed in her native Colombia, where plastic surgery is less regulated and lower priced.

"There are a couple of reasons why these girls were too young for such procedures," says Dr. Elliot Heller who also performs armlift. "One, their bodies are still developing, which makes it inappropriate and second, it's rare to have the maturity to handle this type of physical change at such a young age."

The size of the breasts, hips, butt and thighs can increase up until the age of 20 in females as a reaction to hormonal changes in their bodies.

Karen and Jennifer claimed to be embarrassed by their lack of curves, which is common among girls at the age of 15. These figures often develop the curves associated with mature, developed woman as they get older, which brings up the second point: not only are young girls immature physically, they are often immature psychologically.

Giving a young girl a curvier silhouette attracts the wrong kind of attention, which at 15, they aren't mature enough to handle. Both girls claim that women and men touch their figures and constantly inquire and all but drool over their curves.

While laser liposuction, buttock injections and breast augmentation in New Jersey are inappropriate for young girls, rhinoplasty is different.

"The female nose at 15 1/2 and the male nose at 16 1/2 are finished growing, which makes it safe to refine," says Heller. "It's also a feature that, once improved, boosts self-esteem without attracting inappropriate attention, if any at all."

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