Monk of 15 Million Without Heaven and hole candle

Pants personal like Yin Na pants., Himself without running speed skates, so I chose Yin Na, but I think we are Na shoes. Then I suggest that you black thorns pants 300 physical 120 Agility also about ten million to bring a large number of physical, o
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10121, CT ( March 11, 2013 - See everyone discussing how to get rid of Heaven and hole candle, a lot of God given many suggestions I get my heart itch, originally a DPS10W + Cock silk hair chart a bit laughable, but in order to monk better futureI write out some of their own shallow ideas with some of their own equipment, pictures, get hold of illustrations believe you can make more people more understanding. And I hope we work together, the construction of a better atmosphere of the monastery, looking for more and better BUILD buy diablo 3 gold

1000 + armor and 76 anti-high-strength and high agility to increase my, as long as the 3000W can purchase select sensitive system I believe we can not afford, if you feel you can buy 200 strength and 199 agility, as long as the 100W can be purchased.

Full anti-60 + and Armor is preferred, it is recommended not to vote for 70 + full anti, too expensive, 2000W can buy a 65 + full-resistant and 500 Gold for Diablo 3 Armor head, agile greater than 180 is necessary to double Cock wire see 178 agile enough!

Actually, I think the head of the Yin Na poly fine is the best welfare of the monks, but the whole anti-and poly fine too expensive, we can consider the armor and poly fine!

Small experience: the profiteers down that we do not buy that, Diablo 3 so much equipment, why buy profiteers? Of course, high rich handsome is not listed here!


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