Art From Steel- Presents a unique and exclusive collection of Scrap Metal Statues

Art From Steel was established with the mission to provide customers and clients with the largest and unique range of scrap metal statues.
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Las Vegas, NV ( March 5, 2013 - Art From Steel was established with the mission to provide customers and clients with the largest and unique range of scrap metal statues. Earlier, the statues were sold exclusively to distributors. However, now they are available for retail sale as well. The unique and innovative art work brings together the skills of two leading artists. The artists are responsible for the complete production process including recruiting, training and organizing a team of skilled artist. Moreover to ensure your satisfaction we also keep a check on quality control, safety control and getting the statues cleaned, packaged, fumigated and shipped all across the globe. The models are created using different scrap metals including wires, nuts and bolts. The artists make statues following a complete process and keeping in mind all the details required to give the statue a unique and innovative appeal. Moreover, the statues are made similar to the original look with all the required specifications in a unique way.

Our wide range of statues includes Aliens, Animals, Music, Predator, Sport, Star Wars Figurines, Superheroes, Transformers, Vehicles and many more amazing collection of statues. The Alien figurines are inspired from the original movie and the collection includes The Alien Queen, PredAlien and many more. The Alien Model is made from old car parts and scrap metal including coil springs, old engine parts and many more.

The Ship Models are made from materials including spark plugs, metal disks and many more. Moreover, the rope work of the ship is either made with steel wires or bicycle chains. The battleship model is an exclusive piece-of-art created by our expert artists including bearings for canon pivots and chains for railings.

The Michael Jackson Statues are one of the most demanded statues from our wide range of collection. Every Michael Jackson Statue is created with the trademark dance move or poses. The Predator collection is made using specially fabricated sheet metal and junk metal. The Predator Models comes with a selection of Predator weapons including spears, swords, maces and battleaxes. You can visit our website any time to see the entire collection of the amazing statues made with scrap metal!


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