Lebanon Becoming the Middle East's Extreme Sports Hub

Lebanon is fast becoming the hub of extreme sports in the Middle East. Mzaar, 50km Northeast from its capital, is becoming quite famous for its beautiful white slopes and even boasts a long ski season that lasts from January to April.
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Worcestershire, United Kingdom (prHWY.com) March 4, 2013 - Beirut, Lebanon's capital, has many attractions that could entice a traveller to its shores. Aside from its thriving and lively metropolitan city centre, it has both lovely beaches by the Mediterranean Sea and snow-capped peaks northeast, towards the Lebanon Mountains, particularly Mzaar.

Just 50 km from the capital, Mzaar is becoming a popular destination for winter and summer sports enthusiasts. The Lebanon Mountains is known to have beautiful glistening snow throughout the year, and Mzaar, particularly, has a four-month ski season. Due to this, many tourists have been sampling its amazing snow-covered slopes and summits.

Thrill-seeking visitors to the mountain resort have a variety of adrenaline pumping winter activities to choose from. The place has facilities for snow-shoeing, snowboarding, snowmobile driving, and of course, skiing. The area has approximately a 40-mile snow-covered track and 42 slopes that are spread across the three valleys of Le Refuge, Wardeh, and Jonction.

On the other hand, during summer, visitors still have exciting options to choose from, with activities such as paragliding, quad bike riding, hang-gliding, and hiking. The peak's mild summer climate is especially favourable and could be quite a welcome respite the rising temperatures in the coastal areas that could be downright scorching.

At the top of the mountain are also breathtaking scenes that are quite worthy of a climb. With a pair of handy binoculars or a camera with a powerful zoom lens at the peak, you can see the vast green vineyards and the Roman ruins of Baalbek down the Bekka valley. You can also spy on the country's highest peak across at Mount Heron or another popular mountain ski resort, Zarour.

Aside from Beirut and Mzaar's fine attractions, Lebanon is becoming more and more attractive to adrenaline-seeking wanderers and other tourists because of the growing number of cheaper airline fares from parts of Europe and the Arab States to the city. Due to this, the option of having weekends or holidays in this Middle Eastern country has started to become more popular every year.

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