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Cigniti Smart Tools analyze, automate and accelerate QA efforts and ensure healthy ROI with improved resource and infrastructure utilization. These tools enrich business outcomes with speed, skill and accuracy and can be deployed across verticals.
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Hyderabad, India ( February 27, 2013 - Over the last decade, there has been a lot of transformation in the philosophy of testing as a whole new breed of tools has invaded the testing community. However, conventional tools still do not address gaps that are not big enough yet cannot be ignored. In addition to the gaps, we understand your requirements are unique but market tools provide generic solutions which need a lot of customization. Cigniti has built a set of tools to address these needs, gaps and challenges.

With over a decade of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, Cigniti has witnessed several redundancies and inefficiencies in test life cycle. Cigniti translated its experience & expertise into tools, point solutions and frameworks to jump start QA efforts & realize quicker ROI. Cigniti Smart Tools are cloud enabled with Pay As you Go Model service options.

Test Optimizer

Ensure test scenario generation - Ensure ROI with test optimization

The number of test cases that are required to ensure comprehensive coverage in complex business applications can be very large and often it is demanding to manually author and execute them. The challenge is to reduce the number of test cases without sacrificing coverage.

Today, applications are required to work in heterogeneous platforms consisting of diverse operating systems, browsers, devices, and networks. Full coverage of test cases that cover all possible combinations can be very large. Manual attempt to document these test cases can be error prone, and often results in redundancy. In addition, there is pressure to execute optimal set of test cases in limited time available for testing. Similar problems surface in testing application where number of inputs data fields are large, resulting in need for optimal test cases. Identifying the most relevant ones ensures optimal coverage & reduces maintenance.

Cigniti "Test Optimizer" tool generates optimized combinations based on the input domains, coverage parameters and estimates the degree of risk. It encompasses orthogonal model and Pairwise test techniques. This tool adheres to Lean and Agile methodologies and eliminates duplicate test conditions.


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