"Yard Flame: From Russia 2 JA", Kaya Warriors Smokaz Sound Company Release New Mixtape

As the Kaya Warriors Smokaz Sound Company prepares for their European tour, with their mixtape presentations, we are gifted with a free download.
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Kingston, Jamaica (prHWY.com) February 25, 2013 - The growth of Reggae/Dancehall in Russia has witnessed a lot of trailblazers and game changers. All stepping up to the plate with different controversial forms; however, no matter how the lyrics are told, the name Kaya Warriors Smokaz Sound Company (K.W.S.S.C.) will always matter. Anticipation is high for their early 2013 release of "Yard Flame: From Russia 2 Ja," the much-whispered about a new mixtape from K.W.S.S.C. Kaya Warriors Smokaz Sounds Company new Mixtape was also presented by Reggae Tapes Sound System Promotion. Free downloads are available Reggae Release's website at www.reggaerelease.com.The new mxtape, titled "Yard Flame: From Russia 2 Ja" is the first European artiste's official mixtape driven by Jamaican DJ: Yaadcore.

K.W.S.S.C. has earned their stripes as Russia's number one (#1) Reggae Dancehall Group, officially releasing tune "Up and Down" on Cash Flow Records Studio. This mixtape bristles with sweet reggae music, dubstep, breakbeat style plus great remixes in dancehall and crunkhall style that have become Kaya Warriors Smokaz Sound Company's trademark.

Reflecting on their European heritage, music of the sun, freedom, kindness and pure vibrations to name a few have paved the way for Pablo, Miron and Ekaterina who are three of the founders of the group. The unique style of Russian ragamuffin has been adopted as their own and it is what makes them dynamic and fuels their passion.

While urging the listener to "Party Hard" or show their "Vodka Energy", this mixtape teams up with a solid, balanced, fusion of reggae and dancehall. This part English, part Russian, mix display the true dynamics of reggae/dancehall diversity and their multi-cultural approach to music. While the sound is fresh and contemporary, it harkens to the roots where reggae and dancehall came from.

From beginning to end, all 16 tracks from "Yard Flame: From Russia 2 Ja" is delivered in a manner that only a true veteran of both the English and Russian Dancehall scenes could conceive. After all, this mixtape is endorsed by Jamaica's heaviest: #TEAMCASHFLOW, MIXTAPEYARDY and their European sponsor MA'TING (with) YAADCORE. K.W.S.S.C. has gotten a lot of support worldwide and mostly in Jamaica from famous artistes, dancers, promoters and record labels. The Russians have invaded, and the plan is: they are taking their share!

Long regarded as one of the best live acts in the European spread, the legion of K.W.S.S.C. fans soon will have what they have been asking for--the mixtape that captures this incredible group's live energy, Russian soul, and catchy songs. In this release, K.W.S.S.C. again proves the era of reggae and dancehall has not died, but has just been re-defined. Are you ready for "Yard Flame: From Russia 2 Ja" endorsed by #TEAMCASHFLOW, MIXTAPEYARDY and MA'TING that is driven by YAADCORE? It will remind you of what reggae and dancehall was meant to be.


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