London Laser Clinic Offers Free Initial Consultation for Tattoo Removal

It is estimated that between 17% - 25% of people who get tattooed regret it afterwards, fortunately tattoos are no longer permanent, thanks to modern laser technology tattoos can now be removed without leaving scars.
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London, United Kingdom ( February 22, 2013 - London, UK - Tattoos are a very common fashion statement these days, many celebrities have tattoos. David Beckham, Mike Tyson, Christina Aquilera, Heidi Klum and Pete Doherty are very keen on body art but not all celebs are as keen on their tattoos as David Beckham. Some celebrities who used to have a tattoo but reportedly don't any more include Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.

Getting body art removed used to leave scaring, removal methods included acidic skin peels, dermabrasion which is a process using fine grit surgical sandpaper, or one very quick method is cutting the image out completely and then patching the area up with a skin graft.

Thanks to laser most patients can now benefit from having their tattoos removed without scaring and skin damage; laser treatment uses high energy bursts of light. This high energy light breaks down the ink that is located in your skins dermis layer; once the ink is broken down, your body will remove it naturally.

Unlike the other techniques we have already mentioned laser treatment when it is performed properly does not cause scaring, laser treatment can be slightly painful, most patients say it feels as though you're being flicked repeatedly with an elastic band. Numbing cream can be used to reduce the flicking pain, most patients say the pain of removal is no worse than the tattoo itself was.

Laser treatment will take longer for darker skin and lighter ink colours, the laser light can cause a what is known as hyper pigmentation if too high a light intensity is used on darker skin tones.

It is essential to find a clinic that offers a free initial consultation and patch test, this will ensure your skin and tattoo are suitable are experts in laser tattoo removal. The clinic offers a free first consultation and patch test to all in clients interested in laser tattoo removal, the free consultations are available 6 days a week even if you don't have an appointment. The clinic is based in Fenchurch Street, London.


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