What Are External Hemorrhoids? What Should You Do?

It is a minor problem of ones health. It is not too hard to avoid External Hemorrhoid. But without taking medicine regularly and not following the instruction instructed by doctor it is not easy to get relief from this.
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Newyork city, NY (prHWY.com) February 15, 2013 - Hemorrhoid is so harmful for external and internal part of the body. But the sufferer of external side suffers much by it. It is also painful as like as others. From internal effect external effect is easily cured. Using external medicine it can be distinguished. Though there is no difference in pains of external and internal. It mostly cause at the age of 30-40 but it has little possibility to be affected by it at the age of 20. But it can show its symptoms from the early age of 20-30. It is not easy to identify this disease. But there have some common symptom in external Hemorrhoids that the veins of rectum being swelled and the affected people stay in uneasy situation all time. Only some expert doctor can catch its symptom with highly qualified medical instruments. Man has more possibility than woman to be affected by this disease. There are some patient they think they are affected by this disease but most of them are not really affected by this they are called fistula. At least 50% people in USA affected by this at the age of 50. Woman has less risk in affecting by this. From external effect there may have not big risk in turning it to cancer. Because most of the time it is not bleeding and if it is not bleeding there may have not too much risk. Though it is not so risky it needs proper treatment to be cured otherwise it may turn into bad situation.

For the treatment of external Hemorrhoid one should be first prescribed by expert doctor. Then you should start using medicine properly. Doctor may suggest you change your some bad habits and habitats like irregular defecation, drinking little water, wearing tight jeans, staying in hot weather etc. Because this bad habits cause this external effects most. Affected one will have to be regular in defecation, drink more and more water with food. Drinking water is a better treatment for this disease. There is a most necessary thing is that be clean and clear all time. Because from being dirt germs attack rectums surroundings tissues and blood vessels. The fleshy growth need to be controlled. There are some instructions for the remedy of this disease which should be followed with care:

1. Use hot water when taking bath.
2. Use soft seated chair if you are a office worker.
3. Do not raise heavy weights.
4. Avoid irregular defecation.
5. Take some inflammation pain relief medicine.

All these are not permanent solution of this disease. One need to take proper instruction from the doctor and need to take herbal medicine like HemRidâ„¢ regularly. By this one may get relief from the pain of External Hemorrhoid and can lead a healthy and painless life.


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