Why Do Hemorrhoids Itch? What Should I Do?

Hemorrhoid is a fatal disease. It takes time to be cured fully. But if anyone continue his medicine regularly and follow the instructions of doctors it will seem a simple disease. So it is needed to be neat and clean all time to avoid this disease.
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Newyork city, NY (prHWY.com) February 12, 2013 - There are various factors that contribute to irritating the anal area resulting in the compelling urge to scratch. Too much moisture in the anal canal from either diarrhea, frequent liquid stools, incontinence or sweating all cause irritation and can lead to infection. Excessive wiping to relieve itching can also damage the skin and further inflame the area. Friction caused by clothing, pressure from sitting for long periods and even walking add to further irritate the tissues and make the area sore. Hemorrhoid is a disease or abnormally found within the rectal or anal area. It is a condition characterized by the presence of masses due to the inflammation of blood vessels. It is common among men and women ages 45 to 65 years old. A person suffering from hemorrhoids experiences bleeding, pain, burning sensation, passing mucus, bulging in the rectal area accompanied by itching, which really makes the sufferer feel irritated. Though itching can be relieved by scratching, yet, the displeasure can't sometimes be avoided especially if the itch comes within the rectal area. That is why we are given choices to stop it and take initiative to engage ourselves in hemorrhoids itching treatment.

Chemicals in the food we eat are another reason as to why hemorrhoids itch. Anything hot and spicy such as hot peppers, curries and hot sauces will not be of any benefit to those suffering from hemorrhoids. Tomatoes and tomato products, such as ketchup and tomato based sauces, citrus fruits and juices, coffee, tea, milk and carbonated beverages are all known to cause itching and irritation in the bowels and should be avoided in order to get some hemorrhoid relief. Many times, hemorrhoids itch because the area is dry. This dryness can be the direct result of many things, such as excess mucus or harsh cleansers. For instance, when an internal hemorrhoid flares, this can cause excess mucus to be produced. This mucus eventually makes it way out of the anus and dries in the region, causing itchiness. In addition, some cleansers contain harsh chemicals or irritating fragrances that also dry out the area, so it's good to stay clear of such soaps.

One of the easiest ways to reduce itching is to keep the area free from debris. Try soaking in a bathtub filled with warm water. Or you can buy a toilet tub that fits over your toilet seat and fill it with warm water. This makes it convenient for you to get relief without having to take a full bath. These baths not only keep hemorrhoids clean, but also help ease irritation and swelling, which usually is the cause of itch in the first place. Yes, it's tempting, but you best believe scratching is the ultimate no-no. The area is already irritated and scratching will simply make it even more irritated. This is why it's important to cleanse the area, and then apply your moisturizing cream to help ease the itch. After all well good treatment remove it totally from the body.

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