New Year's and It's Resolutions

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Beverly Hills, CA ( February 8, 2013 - Every year millions of Americans vow to make and keep their New Year's resolutions, yet by the end of January they are a distant dream.

"The reason why sticking to these resolutions is so difficult is because most New Year's resolutions require a huge change," says Peter Pamela Rose, PCC, Certified Life/Career Coach, The Chiropractor for the Mind®.

"Understand that change takes time. Real time. A lot of people keep seeking that 'quick fix' but quick fixes generally don't give one the lasting relief or result they are seeking."
Rose's coaching is based on her self-title of being a Chiropractor for the Mind®. Like a chiropractor adjusts peoples' spines into a place so that they feel better, the Chiropractor for the Mind® adjusts your thoughts into place so that you can get your life to feel better.
"That's what so many people are seeking," Peter Pamela explains, "an easier life." That's what good coaching aims to accomplish - to get life to work for you and not against you."

So what can people do to help them keep those resolutions?
"Start slow and manageable. A popular New Year's resolution is to go to the gym more. It's a great goal, yet if on your first day you go all out and exhaust yourself, chances are you won't go again because you may be super sore from the over exertion and the memory that going to the gym is going to be unpleasant and painful. Nobody likes that!" She says with a smile.

Any other tips?
"Another thing to keep in mind with goals that they require a certain amount of time, is to start with an amount of time you can easily commit to. 20 minutes on the treadmill, a 30-minute walk, 5 minutes of daily meditation. The trick is to do it everyday or at the very least, every other day. Once you make the habit of doing it, carving out more time won't be such a chore or an issue, " Rose states.

What about dieting?
"That's a big one too. One of the best tools I can give a client is to help them build awareness. For food, I ask them to keep a food journal. We start with a very simple rule: you eat it - you write it down. It does not matter what you eat but you must write it down. I ask clients to do this simple task for 30 consecutive days with as little self judgment as possible," Peter Pamela explains.

Why no judgment? Shouldn't you be making choices about your diet?
"Eventually, but initially just like with the exercise and mediation I spoke of earlier, you want to start slow and increase your awareness. Then you will come to make decisions about what to put in your mouth far more easily. Making those healthier food choices will develop more organically. Cooking magazines written for the health conscious can be extremely helpful too," Peter Pamela Rose elaborates.

Are there goals that you could use guidance and council on?
Peter Pamela, PCC and the Chiropractor for the Mind®, literally helps you re-train your mind through adjustments of thoughts and exercises.
Wouldn't it be so liberating to actually accomplish all that you committed to doing this year? Think of the amount of self-esteem and self-respect you would earn and feel. Think about how that would change every interaction in your life.

If this type of transformation interests you, visit Peter Pamela Rose's website at to get more information and to read the incredible results she's helped her coaching clients to achieve.

Coaching is available by phone or in person at your office in New York or Los Angeles.
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