Advanced Medical Instruments - A Boon to Doctors and Patients

When these sound waves are focused on to the internal organs they return echoes that can be recorded and then used by physicians to examine internal organs such as muscles, and tendons.
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Ellicott, MD ( February 7, 2013 - With the advancement in technology there have been various improvements in medical instruments and techniques that have made diagnosis and tests of diseases easy and simple.

7 February 2013

New Delhi

Many hospitals and research centers in New Delhi and other metro cities are using advanced techniques to diagnose and test ailments present in the human body. Doppler ultrasound and Spirometers are two of the most popular techniques being used.

Doppler Ultrasound: This technique makes use of high-frequency sound waves in order to capture the images of internal organs of human body. When these sound waves are focused on to the internal organs they return echoes that can be recorded and then used by physicians to examine internal organs such as muscles, and tendons.

Recent developments have introduced three-dimensional ultrasound that converts the data present in the form of sound waves into 3-D images. Four-dimensional ultrasound has also been introduced that displays these 3-D images in motion. Ultrasound of internal organs helps doctors evaluate the flow of blood through blood vessels, as well as through arteries and veins present in organs such as arms, legs, abdomen, and the neck. This technique helps evaluate any swelling, pain or infection in the body.

Doppler ultrasound produces images that can help doctors evaluate the causes of blockages in the flow of blood, tumors, narrowing of vessels, as well as congenital malformation. These results further help doctors to judge whether other tests are required or not.

Spirometers: It is an instrument that helps patients with breathing problems to breathe properly. When a person is upset he tends to breathe more shallowly, which brings in less air and cuts off fresh oxygen flow in to the other body organs. This makes the person feel dizzy and at times disoriented as well. A spirometer can help a person gauge his progress and check whether he is breathing properly or not and whether he requires special medical attention.

Working on the concept of air pressure, a spirometer is used to measure a patient's lung capacity. The patient is made to breathe into a tube which results in the movement of a measuring device in an up and down motion. This measuring device is fitted inside a cylinder which is marked with different volume measurements. If the measurement recorded is high, this means the lungs are expanding properly and the patient is getting enough oxygen. Patients after critical surgeries are given Spirometers to keep a track of their health and help the doctors and staff to judge respiratory problems.

People with breathing problems can greatly benefit by testing their lung capacity using a spirometer under the supervision of specialists and experts. Spirometers play a major role in keeping a track of health and recovery of patients .

Spirometers and Doppler Ultrasound help ease the task of both doctors and patients. These instruments are readily available online and offline in the market and can be purchased easily and conveniently.


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