Predrag M Milenkovich Keeps Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Certification

Predrag M Milenkovich maintains his certification as a FAA qualified airframe and powerplant technician.
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Cleveland, OH ( February 7, 2013 - Predrag M Milenkovich is proud to announce that he has upheld his Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Certification. The accreditation from the United States Federal Aviation Administration means that Predrag M Milenkovich is qualified to inspect and perform maintenance on aircrafts as well as powerplants. As the president of AvioTech Incorporated, an investment company focusing on aircraft parts, it's important that Predrag M Milenkovich maintains his licenses and qualifications.

Throughout his career, Predrag M Milenkovich has established himself as one of the most trusted names in the aviation supplies industry. He has consistently exceeded government safety standards and is extremely personable to conduct business with. Though Predrag M Milenkovich currently works on the management side of things, he still enjoys staying updated with the latest trends and practices of the industry. Being Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Certified means that Predrag M Milenkovich not only meets the government's technical regulations, but also practices ethical business. In the aviation industry, it's an easy temptation to take shortcuts or undermine the quality of work or services provided. Predrag M Milenkovich has diligently avoided such pitfalls and has deliberately worked to remain a reputable and trusted source for aviation supplies.

Acquiring and maintaining certification is a challenging task, especially as technology evolves and technicians have to be familiar with both old and new pieces of equipment. Furthermore, there are endless models of aircrafts and each model has its own set of technology in use. To maintain certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, experts must be able to work with different models and be knowledgeable with the different gear associated with each one. Fortunately, Predrag M Milenkovich has had years of experience as a technician and has worked with numerous aircraft models from a myriad of countries.

From Eastern Europe to North America, Predrag M Milenkovich has worked on acquiring, managing, and reselling aviation supplies in different countries. By working internationally and with a multitude of models, Predrag M Milenkovich has familiarized himself with the differences in each aircraft. Working in so many situations has earned Predrag M Milenkovich the reputation as one of the world's leading aviation supplies experts.


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