State Farm CEO Reports Gun Safety May Ultimately Affect Home Insurance

National Quotes has learned that with all the talk about gun violence in the news lately, gun safety in the home has not been discussed.
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Scottsdale, AZ ( February 7, 2013 - National Quotes has learned that with all the talk about gun violence in the news lately, gun safety in the home has not been discussed. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co., the nation's largest auto and homeowners insurance provider, claims it should be.

Experts who wish to mandate gun liability insurance understand that insurance would not stop crimes from occurring but may add a higher level of protection against mentally unstable people from obtaining guns.

"There is not one perfect solution here. There are a lot of incremental steps that can each prevent a little bit of gun violence," reported Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky. However, State Farm is analyzing a new piece of the gun-ownership puzzle.

According to State Farm's CEO and Chairman of the Board Edward B. Rust Jr., gun ownership "could be among a multitude of things" insurance companies should consider when determining home insurance policy costs. "Whether someone owns a gun doesn't necessarily make them a risk... The bigger debate is, are people competent in gun ownership?"

NationalQuotes' recent research has shown that a study performed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that gun accidents rose to 2.6 percent of all gun fatalities from 2010 to 2011.

Jeff McCollum, spokesman for State Farm, explained that State Farm does not require applicants requesting house insurance quotes to inform them of gun ownership. Presently, the company's standard home insurance policy provides up to $2,500 worth of coverage if a homeowners gun is lost or destroyed.

Rust appeared reluctant to become involved with the gun-violence debate, claiming that while a "healthy debate" is needed on the subject, insurance providers weren't the proper authorities to ensure that gun owners were taking proper gun-safety measures.

"It's like seat belt laws. Wearing a seat belt can mitigate injuries. But we can't pull everyone over to make sure they're wearing a belt," Rust stated.

However, Peter Kochenburger executive director of the Insurance Law Center, explained that implementing insurance measures is a private form of gun regulation and that insurers "have the ability to collect data and they have the analytical approach to understand the risk."


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