The Sekure Box is a new environmentally manufactured biobased storage unit.

Introducing a new innovation for the storage industry! Avenues of Marketing - December 17th, 2012
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Lakeland, FL ( February 5, 2013 - The Sekure Box is a new environmentally manufactured biobased storage unit. The product is manufactured with a new material called EcoFilm Xtra.

EcoFilm Xtra is an advanced reinforced biothermoplastic sheet made from renewable agricultural materials with strengths which extend beyond physical and mechanical properties of conventional materials. It's lighter in weight than steel or aluminum as well as just about any material you might consider for the same applications.

EcoFilm Xtra is resistant to rot, corrosion and mildew, and it is not affected by detergents or cleaning chemicals Plus, it is 100% recyclable during and after processing.

The technology used in EcoFilm Xtra process creates a composite of unprecedented strength and durability. Continuous layers of an exclusive biothermoplastic woven fiber are heated and compressed, forming a material that becomes rigid as it cools. This process produces high impact-absorbing protection.

The SeKure Box is a unique shipping and storage container designed to transport a wide variety of products around the world as well as many other applications from trade show shipping and storage to an industrial facility tool organizer.

The SeKure Box is offered by Tawaho Management Limited in Christchurch and the company would like to establish important market connections in the storage industry. They believe the SeKure Box is an opportunity to those storage companies who have, or want to have, environmental material products.

EcoFilm Xtra is currently "Made in America" from a line of products offered by New Composite Partners. The SeKure Box offers a desirable mechanism and innovative use of renewable materials such as EcoFilm Xtra in the storage market sector.
EcoFilm Xtra and The Sekure Box are "Made in America",
About Tawaho Management Limited
Tawaho Management Limited is a trusted provider of environmental market development services. Based in Nelson New Zealand, the company is proud to advise some of the most successful companies in the province.
About New Composite Partners
New Composite Partners based in Edgerton, Wisconsin, works with industry partners in the development, promotion, marketing, and sale of biobased products "Made in America".

For more information contact Tawaho Management Limited at 274 322 658 or by email at

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