Josh Fallis Announces Commitment to Helping Organizations Working to Fight Drunk Driving

Josh Fallis lost his wonderful daughter to a drunk driving incident. Once he had recovered from the loss he vowed to help prevent tragedies like this from happening again.
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Seattle, WA ( February 4, 2013 - Josh Fallis is happy to announce that he and his wife Kimberly are proud sponsors of numerous organizations, which exist to educate others on the dangers of drunk driving and prevent it from happening as best they can. Josh supports these organizations financially and with his time when he is able to.

Drunk driving is an issue close to home for Josh Fallis and his wife Kimberly. Josh lost his daughter to a drunk driving incident a few years ago and will never forget the grief he went through because of it. It still affects him every day but he has found ways to move on and still be productive.

Drunk driving is a serious problem in the United States. One of the largest anti-drunk driving organizations and one that Josh Fallis supports, MADD has been working for years to reduce the amount of incidents in the US.

Drunk driving costs the US billions of dollars a year in all of the related costs. It kills around ten thousand people every year. Josh Fallis thinks it's a terrible facet of society that this many people are lost every year to someone making a bad decision to get behind a wheel while drunk.

Josh Fallis and his wife Kimberly have helped out at different organizations in a variety of ways. They support them financially and have also donated their time to help with fundraising and other events. Josh Fallis has taken the time to speak to groups about the loss of his daughter but these are often taxing and hard and therefore less frequent than the other ways he supports anti-drunk driving organizations.


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