Airsoft guns can be used in different mock games

Are you bored of your computer and TV? Are you getting the feeling that you are gradually getting detached from humanity?
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london, United Kingdom ( February 4, 2013 - Are you bored of your computer and TV? Are you getting the feeling that you are gradually getting detached from humanity? Do you spend more time indoors than outdoors because you are addicted to technology? If the answer to all these three questions is yes then you seriously need a rethink. Airsoft is one of the ways you can shrug off your sedentary life and create a completely new society around you. With state of the art Airsoft guns you will not only have a great time fighting mock battles but will also get to know more people than you ever knew.

There are various types of Airsoft mock battles that you can engage in. In the UK there are event coordinators that conduct these mock battles where people of all ages and from different parts of the locality participate. In fact these event coordinators are there throughout the UK and you can easily join one of the groups and enjoy one of the game types mentioned below.

Skirmishes are most common in Airsoft mock battles. These mock battles are ideal for beginners and novices. While the more hardcore experts of mock battles love MilSims there are actually some hardcore lovers of skirmishes. While skirmishes are not like realistic battle games they have their own methods and equipment including Airsoft guns. Hi-cap mags are very commonly used in these mocks. Skirmishes also have their specific battle dress uniforms and they can take place in woods and farms and abandoned buildings.

MilSim is short for Military Simulation and is generally a combination of Airsoft and military role plays. Typically MilSim games constitute of missions where the participants are assigned Airsoft guns along with batteries and rations and any other equipment a real soldier needs when they are in difficult terrains battling real life enemies. MilSim also includes safe zones where medical emergencies are managed. Some of the MilSim games also have military trucks and vans. The most famous MilSim is BERGET in Sweden that lasts for 6 days and has no breaks.

Close Quarter Battles
Close Quarter Battles or CQBs are perhaps the most popular of all the mock battle drills. These games are played in enclosed areas where fast action combats and surprise attacks are common. Many urban mock battles are conducted in the CQB mode and they may even take place at night. Booby traps and simulated grenades may also be used in CQBs.

These Airsoft games are total fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is extremely easy for you to go online and buy the finest Airsoft guns from various websites. You should join one of the Airsoft conducting companies that allow you to engage in mock games and battles with fellow enthusiasts. These people give you a total perspective of these battles including battles, safety, rules and regulations and weapons knowledge. And if you want you can even hire Airsoft guns from these event coordinators before you get your own guns.

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