Foley Court Clinics Offer Hair Loss Treatment Solutions without Needing Surgery

Foley Court Clinics offer an array of non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions to aid individuals who do not want to have any surgical procedures.
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Manchester, United Kingdom ( February 4, 2013 - Easier, effective and natural forms of hair replacement provide a welcomed alternative

London, United Kingdom, January 31, 2013 - Foley Court Clinics offer an array of non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions to aid individuals who do not want to have any surgical procedures. The hair loss solutions company understands that not everybody wants to have a hair transplant in order to have a full bed of hair on their heads, yet at the same time they appreciate how serious hair loss can be. Therefore, combining these two notions, Foley Court Clinics ( have come up with the perfect solution via non-surgical hair replacement in the form of the likes of tablets, shampoos, cleansers, conditioners and alike.

Foley Court Clinics are a team of individuals who have experienced hair loss themselves and thus had to seek treatment. They were unsatisfied with the service they received and thus their desire to give individuals the proper hair loss treatment they required grew. They have partaken in extensive research in order to provide the options available to people today, with their non-surgical options proving to be highly popular and well sought after.

The company will provide individuals with a tailor made hair loss program which will be specifically created to suit their needs specifically. This may involve the utilisation of one or several hair loss treatment products. To give further insight the following are some of the products utilised: DHT blockers - these are tablets which should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening and they ensure that the enzyme which results in hair loss does not develop, Minoxidil - this is a lotion which is applied to an individuals' scalp and needs to be left on for a substantial period of time and Dexpanthenol which is a scalp cleanser that is applied before shampooing. The three products mentioned are just examples of the wealth of hair loss treatment options available and Foley Court Clinics will ensure an individual is advised on which selection of products will aid them.

For a further insight into the different non-surgical hair loss programmes and products available one should visit the company's website via the following link There is an enquiry form available for individuals to fill in, alternatively Foley Court Clinics can be contacted on the following number 0800 433 4771.

Overall, Foley Court Clinics recognise how big of an issue hair loss can be, nevertheless they also recognise the fact that not everybody wants to undergo surgery. So now people do not have to go for surgery, with the wealth of non-surgical hair loss treatment options they provide.

About Foley Court

Foley Court Clinics are a team of professionals who provide a wealth of non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions to suit each individual. Based on the condition of one's scalp they provide tablets, lotions and cleanser to treat hair loss.


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