How To Generate Business Leads With Online Conference Calls -

How To Generate Business Leads With Online Conference Calls -
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Iowa City, IA ( February 2, 2013 - How To Generate Business Leads With Online Conference Calls -

Lead generation is important for any type of business. Many businesses have seen the value of taking their lead generation efforts online, running email campaigns and offering incentives online in order to get qualified leads. But as audio and video are quickly becoming the norm to Internet users, it is taking more to get their attention.

One innovation that an increasing number of marketers are taking advantage of is the online conference call. The concept is similar to that of the traditional marketing conference call, with business leaders offering information and pitching their products, services or opportunities to prospects who call in. But utilizing the capabilities of the web can add a great deal to the experience.

In its most basic sense, an online conference call is simply a traditional conference call in which participants can view information online. You could set up a special password protected area on your website that you give callers access to, then have them call in so you can give a verbal presentation. This method is very inexpensive, but it is also quite limited.

Online conferencing software gives you more options. It usually has audio capabilities, so your callers can listen to audio without calling in if they like. Video capability is also included in most programs, so you can give a video presentation. And some offer the option of a messaging system so that prospects can ask questions or communicate back and forth with you or each other.

If you choose to utilize audio or video, you'll need the proper equipment. A good microphone is necessary if you're going to transmit the audio online, and you'll need some type of webcam or video camera for video capture. It's also important to make sure your conferencing software includes all of the components you'll need before you even start planning your conference call.

Once everything is in order, you'll need to plan your presentation. You'll also need to set up your registration. This can be easily handled by an autoresponder. Requiring an email address from those who register will also give you the means to follow up with them later.

Once you've got all of the technical aspects taken care of, all that's left is to promote your conference call. You can announce it on message boards, send the information to your mailing list, and spread the word to bloggers who write about related topics. Promoting offline can also entice people to come online to learn more and register.

Online conference calls are great lead generation tools. Setting one up doesn't have to be difficult, and it allows prospects to interact with you in a way that was once only possible with a live event. So if you're looking for a fresh, new way to get leads, consider online conferencing.
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