Carpal Tunnel Self-Help Program Earns Five Star Rating

The Carpal Tunnel Master and Beyond program earned Clickbank's highest rating based on exceptional customer satisfaction. The program shows how to identify and fix various causes of numbness and pain in the hands and fingers.
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Idaho, ID ( January 30, 2013 - Hilma Volk, a licensed massage therapist since 1991, created the online video program "Carpal Tunnel Master and Beyond" two years ago. But really it was almost 20 years in the making. She began developing techniques to use on herself when she started having hand problems. She then expanded her knowledge to cover numerous occupational and recreational causes of numbness in the fingers.

Carpal Tunnel Master and Beyond is the only carpal tunnel product to earn the five-star rating from, the Internet's largest marketplace for digital products. Clickbank's rating is based on customer satisfaction combined with a rarely used guarantee policy. Praise like the following from customer Christy Pierce is common, "I have been in so much pain for months....Shoulders, arms, elbows and hands that I was beginning to think I would never have any relief.... Thank you. I never buy anything like this on the internet, but how thankful I am that I did this time."

Many think Carpal Tunnel syndrome can only be "cured" with steroid injections or surgery. "Not so," says expert Hilma Volk. Her unique program addresses the potential sources of hand problems. Hilmacontinued, "Most programs and doctors only focus on the wrist. They often aren't aware how muscle imbalances in the forearm and elsewhere along the nerve pathway can create pinching of the nerves - resulting in numbness, tingling, or pain in the hand and fingers".

Program user Dale M-W wrote, "Hilma empowers you. Carpal Tunnel Master and Beyond videos show you how to tell where your problem is coming from and how to fix it. She clearly explains muscle imbalance and demonstrates self-massage techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises, and more."

The core part of the program uses no hands or minimal hands self-massage techniques. "These are very specific techniques and not at all like 'slide and glide' massages that usually people think of." While the Carpal Tunnel Master program includes stretching and strengthening exercises, the emphasis is on self-massage first. Hilma explains, "Stretching takes longer to produce results and sometimes can be counterproductive. Strengthening should be done only after the muscle balance has been restored." She warns that anti-inflammatory drugs "turn off the 'engine warning light' and actually interfere with the natural healing processes." The program focuses on safer ways.

As mentioned earlier, carpal tunnel syndrome is only one of many problems caused by repetitive use or structural imbalances. This is "the Beyond" in Carpal Tunnel Master and Beyond. The tight muscles that cause these problems cause other pains. Results are revealed in glowing customer comments:

"Your information was right on target. Now I know that I had carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, problems with the pectoralis minor, brachial plexus and scalene muscles. I know because I ordered the program, followed the video instructions and saw results. To be sure I was doing all I needed to do, I visited my long time physical therapist who gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to this program. The very first time I worked on the pain running along my arms I found relief right away and didn't have to work on them again for several days. Thank you so much Hilma for making a lasting contribution to my physical well being!" - Pam Bruni

"I wanted you to know how much your video helped me. I had numb fingers in my right hand for several months and was finding it very hard to do my work as a bookbinder... Out of frustration I searched the Internet and found your excellent website. I did all of the exercises you suggested and showed and it worked. Thank you so much for mounting this useful information. It's hard to believe that the numbness started under my arm... I felt it in my shoulder blade area. I never would have figured it out if it weren't for your videos." - Mindy Dubansky began their rating system in 2013 to improve customer satisfaction. Carpal tunnel Master and Beyond has been available online for two years. The videos may be viewed online or downloaded.

Hilma Volk is an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist (#3776) who practices in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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