Fiber Optics - Advances In Plumbing Repair

Plumbing contractors now have a new tool at their disposal for inspecting broken sewer lines under houses, driveways and sidewalks.
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Boise, ID ( January 29, 2013 - Boise, ID ( prhwy ) January 28, 2013 - Plumbing contractors now have a new tool at their disposal for inspecting broken sewer lines under houses, driveways and sidewalks. Flexible, fiber optic cameras are one of the latest advances in plumbing repair( ) joining the traditional plumber's tool kit of pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, and hacksaws.

In the past, when sewer lines were blocked, the only way of determining where the blockage was occurring was sending down a plumber's snake cable. By measuring how far the cable went into the line before hitting the obstruction, a plumber could locate the problem area. The area then had to be dug up in order to determine the exact nature of the problem.

The plumber's snake still has its uses, but fiber optic cameras now give plumbers much more information about what is going on in a blocked sewer line. An up close view on a portable field monitor at the controlling end of the camera also tells the plumber if the pipe has ruptured and needs replacement or if it is simply blocked and can be cleared.

Sewer lines of the past were made from fired clay material, and the sections of pipe were tapered at one end and flared at the other end. The pipe sections were then just slipped together with nothing holding them in place except the pressure of the surrounding earth when they were buried.

Roots can then easily find their way between the sections creating blockages in the pipe or bursting it from the inside out. Clay pipes also have little compressive strength and can rupture from external pressure, like the weight of a car that is parked over the sewer line in a driveway.

Fiber optic drain cameras are an important new tool for plumbers in identifying these kinds of problems in any sewer pipe: They reveal both where and why the problem is happening and help avoid expensive exploratory digging that was also commonly used in the past.

In connection with being able to see the problem, other advances in plumbing repair( ) include trench-less sewer pipe replacement. New, flexible plastic pipe material can be inserted into an old clay pipe line after the passage has been cleared using a high pressure water jet. Expensive and time consuming trenching can then be avoided in many cases using this repair method.

Fiber optic drain cameras are rapidly becoming the preferred tool for plumbing contractors in diagnosing sewer line trouble. This inspection method saves both money and time for homeowners who have broken or clogged sewer drains.

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