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The chemicals and additives in foods and beverages the average individual consumes on a daily basis can cause toxicity related problems with bodily functions.
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Boise, ID ( January 28, 2013 - Boise, ID ( prhwy ) January 25, 2013 - The chemicals and additives in foods and beverages the average individual consumes on a daily basis can cause toxicity related problems with bodily functions. This can include Sluggish bowel movements, skin irritations (such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis), halitosis, and profuse sweating. There are body cleansing treatments that can be done in spas that rid the body of these toxins and coupled with a healthier lifestyle a healthier body and mind can be achieved. Today's top spa detox treatments( ) are used at most spas with varying techniques to achieve the same results.

The body wrap is a common method of detoxification. These wraps typically incorporate the use of sea clay and two large towels or cloths resembling bandages. The clay is applied to the body and reaches the toxins stored in the body's fat cells through the pores while the heat draws the toxins out and the towel absorbs them for permanent extraction. This method of detox can be found, in some form, at most spas.

Mineral detoxification is also a common way to cleanse the body. During this detox process, minerals are massaged into the skin to reach and break down the toxins in the body. Warm healing stones are then placed on the body (typically on the back) to draw out and absorb these toxins. This is the most natural way to purify and detoxify the body but it does not have some of the added benefits (like firming skin and weight loss) that are attributed to body wraps.

Massage is another form of body detoxification. There are many types of massage that aid in the detox process. From the lymphatic drainage effleurage massage to a sea salt and mineral massage therapy has been aiding in body cleansing for hundreds of years. Massage detoxifies the body by breaking down the toxins for heated extraction or so the body can expel them through its natural functions. Typical massages can be found in most resorts and hotels but detox massage is reserved for more skilled hands and will most likely be found at higher-end retreats and spas rather than general massage practices.

These detox treatments are designed to rid the body of toxins that have built up in fat cells over a lifetime. However without a healthier lifestyle the toxins will build up in the cells again and inhibit the body's normal functions. To add to the effectiveness of the detox process individuals should drink plenty of water, eat organic foods, exercise daily, and avoid chemically infused beverages such as soda. Taking these steps will make your treatment more effective and prevent the build up of toxins after the detoxification treatment is complete.

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