Cri-report Development Status and Trend of China's Ceramic Industry

China is the largest producing and exporting country of ceramics in the world, and it makes great contributions to the development of global ceramic industry.
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Shanghai, China ( January 27, 2013 - Cri-report - China is the largest producing and exporting country of ceramics in the world, with the output ranking the first worldwide. In 2011, the total output of China's ceramic tiles was 8,701,410 thousand square meters, with an increase of 14.86% YOY. The sales revenue of China's ceramic industry was CNY 547.747 billion, with an increase of 35.45% YOY.

However, there are also many problems restricting the further development of China's ceramic industry. Firstly, major products are mainly low to medium-end ones with low prices. Secondly, because of excessive production capacity and oversupply of ceramics, the competitive strength is weak in the international market. Thirdly, ceramic enterprises lack the independent innovation capability, and the product homogenization is severe. Fourthly, backward technic and equipment cause severe pollution and raw material resource exhaustion. On the whole, the level of ceramic industry lags behind that in some developed countries.

In the future development of China's ceramic industry, the government, ceramic industry and enterprises are supposed to take the following measures. Firstly, to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure of the ceramic industry, make breakthroughs in increase in product quality, brand establishment, improvement in after-sales service, etc. and realize the stable industrial development. Secondly, the government should further strengthen the supervision effort for high-consumption and high-pollution industries, introduce stimulus policies to support and encourage the sustainable and environmental-friendlily development of the ceramic industry. Ceramic enterprises should continuously increase the investment in environmental protection and the application of new technologies and equipment which are beneficial to the energy conservation and emission reduction.

In addition, aiming to increase the industrial development and competitive edges of products, ceramic enterprises should further enhance the independent innovation ability and R&D capability and adopt advanced technologies and equipment. Then, in the face of fierce competition, ceramic enterprises should accelerate the excavation and expansion of terminal sales channels, and new-type marketing modes, e.g., e-commerce, will gradually emerge. At last, influenced by EU's continuous anti-dumping on China's ceramic tiles, most ceramic enterprises will reduce the export to the EU market but focus on the development of emerging markets in Middle East, Africa, etc.

It is predicted that in the coming years, the development prospect of China's ceramic industry is promising. The product quality, competitive strength, etc. of ceramic enterprises will further rise. The export is predicted to continuously grow.


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