Is iPad Insurance a scam solution?

One of the myths or theories surrounding the cellular industry involves cell phone insurance and its legitimacy.
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London, United Kingdom ( January 8, 2013 - One of the myths or theories surrounding the cellular industry involves cell phone insurance and its legitimacy. Several customers believe that items such as iPad Insurance protection plans are nothing more than an opportunity for someone else in the industry to get a cut of the financial profit pie. Others argue that these protection plans are legitimate and necessary for ensuring the safety and security of the device they are purchased for. The ongoing debate is echoed in almost every sector associated with the cellular industry. Some customers purchase the plan without giving it a second though whereas others worry about making further financial obligation in order to obtain it.

Depending on which person you ask some will make the case that cell phone insurance providers are nothing more than a simple scam solution. They argue that the level of protection associated with these plans is minimal at best and that when they are used according to their intentions the devices received as replacements are not in new condition; they have been previously used and certified to be up to the standards of the manufacturer. The same applies for those debunking the legitimacy of iPad Insurance protection plan providers.

The companies that provide cell phone insurance protection plans will all provide relevant information to support their claims that their business interests are legitimate in nature. They will argue that the nature of the business sometimes requires them to provide certified used equipment as a replacement for devices being claimed under an iPad Insurance protection plan. The cost of replacing a used device with one brand new out of the box is too high for them to absorb as part of their service. The certifications for the used equipment they offer as a replacement come from qualified employees in the industry and warranty the device against malfunctioning during operation.

Regardless of how intensive the research and discovery process is that the client conducts to determine whether or not cell phone insurance companies are scam artists, the debate will continue as long as there are smart technology devices in existence. Not everyone that purchases iPad Insurance will need to use it in order to repair or replace their device. Some of these people view the purchase of additional insurance as a financial obligation they can neglect to participate in. Others will go through several different phones in a single year and for them the advantages of having a protection plan in place will be more appreciated.

It will be up to each individual that owns or is considering the purchase of this type of equipment to determine if they need cell phone insurance. iPad Insurance does keep the consumer from having to pay full price for a replacement product; however if they are expecting to receive a brand new device in the box as a replacement should it be necessary, they may find the plan does not cover the cost of such an event. It may be necessary to obtain a protection plan from a different service provider if the one being offered does not live up to expectations.

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