Enjin.com Safeguarded by Incapsula DDoS Protection Services

Enjin.com Safeguarded by Incapsula DDoS Protection Services
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Los Angeles, CA (prHWY.com) January 4, 2013 - Enjin.com Safeguarded by Incapsula DDoS Protection Services

Enjin Selects Incapsula to Prevent Network and Application Attacks

Cloud-based Web Security and Performance Optimization Company Protects Content Management System and Web Hosting Provider; Decreases Server Load 20 Percent

Incapsula, a cloud-based website security and performance service, announced Enjin, a content management system geared to gamers, has deployed Incapsula's Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to protect against network and application distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Incapsula automatically prevents bot traffic to Enjin, reducing server load 20 percent and freeing administrators to work on other tasks.

Enjin is a content management system, web hosting provider and social network for a video game community with 200,000 websites and 3.5 million registered users. Constant DDoS attacks on Enjin were creating unnecessary downtime and performance degradation for users across its network. These attacks flooded multiple network and application layers, mimicking human behavior to consume backend-computing resources.

"Enjin was seeing daily DDoS attacks, sometimes multiple DDoS attacks in parallel, on various client websites, which affected everyone at the same time since Enjin is a global hosted community platform and social network," said Maxim Blagov, CEO, Enjin. "We needed to make sure that no attack on any one website could bring other websites down, so we made Incapsula a critical component of Enjin's security infrastructure, ensuring that malicious traffic and DDoS attacks are blocked automatically."

Incapsula absorbs all network layer attacks against Enjin into its own network security infrastructure. Application protection is provided by bot detection and progressive DDoS challenge technology that transparently blocks 100 percent of attackers without nearly zero false positives.

"Online communities and web hosting providers are obvious targets for DDoS attacks by sinister hackers looking to cause grief and probe for vulnerabilities, so it was unfortunate Enjin was targeted," said Gur Shartz, CEO, Incapsula. "Fortunately, Incapsula was about to immediately identify and mitigate the network and application level attacks against Enjin to ensure its peak performance."

Enjin is taking advantage of Incapsula's DDoS Protection key benefits, to secure its online properties:

* Network and Application Level Security - Through a worldwide network of multi-gigabit scrubbing centers and unique bot (automation) detection technology, Incapsula provides complete protection for both network (Layer 3 & 4) and application level (Layer 7) DDoS attacks.

* 24x7 Managed Service - Incapsula's DDoS security team monitors attacks and is available on-demand before, during and after attacks to ensure system availability and performance optimization.

* Zero Business Disruption - Incapsula's CDN and bot detection technology ensure that even under attack, website traffic is accelerated and legitimate visitors are not delayed or denied access to the site.

As a result of working with Incapsula, Enjin was finally clear from the endless onslaught of crippling DDoS attacks. Incapsula's dashboard enabled Enjin to monitor attacks as they happened, while continuing to deliver uninterrupted service to millions of users during the attack. By controlling unwanted bot activity with Incapsula, Enjin decreased the load on its servers 20 percent.

To read the complete Enjin case study, please visit:http://www.incapsula.com/media/k2/attachments/enjin-ddos-case-study.pdf

For more information on DDoS Protection and Free Trial, visit: http://www.incapsula.com/tour/ddos-protection


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