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Hangzhou, China ( January 2, 2013 - Measuring human body temperature becomes imperative in circumstances when a person complains that he or she is feeling unwell. Rising body temperature may indicate that some infection has struck the patient. The infection may be bacterial, viral or fungal. The doctor after checking the temperatures of the patient's body will make sure whether the patient has fever (i.e. a condition that arises out of elevated human body temperatures) or not and then will administer drugs accordingly to control the infection by killing the infection causing germs. All these treatment procedures would not have been possible without one basic medical instrument which is popularly known as clinical thermometer. Clinical thermometers are one of the most common medical instruments used both in hospitals and homes as the first step towards diagnosing any kind of illness. One renowned China enterprise that has earned a distinct place among the leading global manufacturers of medical instruments is Hua'an Medical & Health Instruments Co Ltd. The company operates online through its official website; i.e. and eager customers can learn all about the company by visiting the website. This world reputed clinical thermometer manufacturer company is located in the Hangzhou city which falls within the Chinese province called Zhejiang.

The company is engaged in providing its customers with a vast array of variety of high quality proven tested clinical thermometers that can simplify the disease diagnosis steps and take health care to much sophisticated levels. Huaan Medical staffs are qualified, experienced and professional and there are many top technicians and engineers among the staff members who have exceptional expertise in the genres of IC designing, optoelectronics and semiconductors. Huaan heath instruments are giving a tough competition to the medical instruments manufactured by other competitors in the market. The major product line launched by the company includes key products like Digital thermometer, Digital Sphygmomanometer, Infrared Ear clinical thermometer, Waterproof thermometer, Forehead thermometer and so on.

'We know that clinical instruments are chiefly applied in health care diagnosis and the treatment and thus the life of a patient all depends on the readings delivered by the instrument. All the clinical instruments manufactured by our company are tested very strictly time and again so that customers get the most reliable products delivering the most accurate readings' says a team member.

All the company products are ISO 9001:2000 plus ISO 13485:2003 certified and reach up to the FDA & European CE standards. 'I was running a dispensary in my locality and wanted to purchase digital thermometers in a bulk. I got great products from' says one who benefited from the company. For more information visit

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