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Unite To Protect - Jetwing Hotels Joins Earth Hour
April 3, 2013
Family owned and in the tourism industry for the past 40 years, Jetwing Hotels has surpassed expectation at every aspect.
Home / IT / TELECOM / Mahaweli Reach Kandy opts for JKCS' Zhara HS Mahaweli Reach Kandy opts for JKCS' Zhara HS
March 27, 2013
JKCS's Zhara HS is yet again on the rise with the recent sign up of Mahaweli Reach Kandy. The Internet Booking
Expense Tracker 2.0 ranked in, "Top iPad apps for Business"
February 26, 2013
Expense Tracker 2.0 Personal finance management application ranked as Top iPad app in Business category in many regions.
AppSpace Launches Expense Tracker 2.0 iPad Application
December 20, 2012
"Expense Tracker 2.0" is a unique app for any individual to keep track of their expenses while not forgetting to upsize their Savings
Send Christmas Gifts to Sri Lanka
December 14, 2012
The word Christmas mean is an annual commemoration of the birth of our lord and savior of Jesus Christ. This day wise men and all the shepherds came to the stable because there was a star that lead them to the stable.
Qiangfeng group opens its Sri Lankan branch
November 23, 2012
Qiangfeng Group who is a leader in cladding projects opened up their Sri Lankan branch as QF Lanka to serve the Sri Lankan market.
AppSpace Launches "Bright Sparks Pro" Android & IOS Applications
October 2, 2012
Bright Sparks is an app where you answer trivia questions and become the ultimate mastermind. Learn about Sports, Arts, History, Astronomy and many more things. As a great man once said, "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish for Knowledge".
AppSpace Launches "Invincible Genius Pro" Android Application
September 24, 2012
Invincible Genius Pro is a puzzle game to improve your brain skills while busy with other works. You can increase your brain skills while doing your day-to-day tasks with Invincible Genius Pro Android app.
hSenid Outsourcing Launches "Kitchenmate Timer Pro" Android & IOS Applications
September 11, 2012
Kitchenmate Timer is an app to ease cooking of favorite dishes. Setup multiple timers so that you never have a burnt dish. Add recipes of your favorite dishes.
Unwind at Ulagalla Resort in Sri Lanka
August 15, 2012
Ulagalla Resort is an enchanting sanctuary located on 58 acres in the hamlet of Tirappane, close to the ancient city Anuradhapura in north central Sri Lanka.
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