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Alisa Boniello Releases World Premiere Music Video for "Can't Love Me"
February 27, 2013
Fledging indie songwriter/singer Alisa Boniello, who burst on the music scene last year with her infectious debut single and video for "Lovestruck"
The Power of Music By Jackie Gouche
February 27, 2013
Parents, we must be aware of what our children are listening to during the early years, when young minds, character and values are being formed.
Musical Masterpiece, BIG GOD, Little Me! By Jackie Gouché And Her Sons
February 27, 2013
Now, we can all enjoy this long awaited collaboration between Jackie Gouché and her sons. Even those who are not inclined to listen to Gospel music will be able to enjoy the musical masterpiece that is BIG GOD, Little Me! Offers Single Platform to Get Access to MP3 Songs
February 25, 2013
Music lovers and those who do not wish to spend money for music; a wonderful platform is now available which helps to access all the top rated songs of Hollywood and Bollywood in just one click.
Bach To Rock Piano launches new website for Piano Students to Learn To Play Piano With Online Lessons
February 23, 2013
Bach To Rock Piano launches new website for Piano Students to easily learn to play piano with online audio and video lessons. Watch the demonstrations of how easy this system is to learn and it is more cost effective than taking normal piano lessons.
Sonorous Entertainment Inc. To Release Beautiful Remnant Group New Single,
February 22, 2013
Sonorous Entertainment Inc. has completed an agreement with U.K. based Christian pop and R&B artists, Beautiful Remnant Group (BRG) to re-release their latest single "Confidence".
Corporate video - what to consider
February 22, 2013
The concept of a corporate video is not new. Companies have been making these videos for years and using them for various promotional purposes.
Where can a corporate video be used?
February 22, 2013
How does a company ensure that it is able to attract and retain the right kind of talent? It has to do proper business and earn good revenues and profits.
Spread the message of the Lord with Christian hip hop videos
February 22, 2013
Hip hop music is all about rhythm. You listen to a hip hop song and you cannot but start tapping your feet.
Choosing the Right Electric Guitar - Behringer Guitar or Gibson Guitars
February 22, 2013
The guitar you buy not only makes sure quality learning, but also keeps you inspired and motivated while learning. If the guitar is of your choice, you will keep practicing forever.
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