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EMF Protection from Cell Phone now Available!
August 17, 2010
A new device for EMF protection from cell phone use is now available in the form of a handcrafted piece of jewelry derived from special volcanic rocks sourced from Japan's deep sea.
Teeth Whitening: Smile with Complete Confidence with Amazing Teeth Whitener
August 17, 2010
The teeth whitening kit advertised on this page, along with clear and concise instructions is an opportunity no one should pass up.
Ayushakti USA excelling in West.
August 17, 2010
Ayushakti USA , founded by Indian Vaidya Dr Pankaj Naram is excelling in the western market. This 5 years old company has distributed herbal remedies to over a million people.
Drug Test Strips Provides a Wide Range of Marijuana Testing Solutions to Better Serve Its Customers
August 16, 2010 provides a wide range of niche Marijuana testing solutions to better serve its customers especially home users. These Marijuana testing solutions are available in oral, urine test formats as test cards and test cups.
9/11 Victims doctor to be available for public in Washington on September 29th
August 16, 2010
World renounced Indian Vaidya and master of ancient secrets Dr Pankaj Naram is visiting Washington on 29th September 2010. During this visit he will be available for treating public here for a day.
Everything About Fitness, Diet and Health Related Issues
August 13, 2010
This is an Internet site publication for everyone. The site's slogan is "Everything About Fitness, Diet and Health Related Issues," and is owned and operated by a group of health enthusiasts.
Sachar Dental, Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic in New York
August 13, 2010
This is talks about Sachar Dental, which is a renowned Cosmetic Dental Clinic in New York and the various cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by its team of cosmetic dentists.
Ayurvedic View on Weight Management
August 13, 2010
An Ayurvedic diet may be useful as part of a sensible weight loss program individually designed to include portion control, a detox diet drink and exercise. With the changing life-style of the people, Ayurvedic Products have change into very popular
How to Get rid of Stretch Marks
August 13, 2010
Here is how to get rid of Stretch Marks in a natural and effective way.
New Zealand Resveratrol Review Website Launches!
August 10, 2010
Due to increasing reports of scams about Resveratrol supplements, Sam Bakker launched his new website that provides reviews about Resveratrol and ensures New Zealander's who want to buy the supplement that they are getting what they paid for.
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