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As World Population Reaches 7 Billion, NRG Expert Predicts that Global Electricity Supply will Fail to Keep Pace with Enegry Needs
October 31, 2011
Ultimate Press ReleaseA new study by NRG Expert shows that the sustainability of the world's energy supply is at risk, not only as population grows, but also as a result of depleted resources and the phasing out of Nuclear power in developed and developing countries.
Leading Energy Audit And Solution Provider In Louisiana
October 9, 2011
"Star Energy Audits is the leading number one, energy audit and solutions provider in the state of Louisiana."
Earth Technologies Strengthens its Energy Saving Solutions with the Induction of Radflek
October 8, 2011
Earth Technologies, the Lebanon based green energy solutions company is pleased to announce the inclusion of Radflek, an ultra-tech energy saving radiator reflector in its kitty.
Demand Patterns Boosting Indian Power Sector
October 7, 2011
On the basis of strong demand backed by current trends and growth potentials, Indian power sector is anticipated to reach new heights, says RNCOS.
Quality Home Energy Audit Services In New Orleans By Star Energy Audits
October 7, 2011
Star Energy Audits is offering Home Energy Audit services to the residential homes in New Orleans. They provide the most thorough, all-encompassing diagnostic home energy audits in the greater New Orleans area.
New Orleans Spray Foam Insulation Service Offered By Star Spray Foam Systems
October 7, 2011
"Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC is offering Spray Foam Insulation service to the residential homes and commercial buildings of New Orleans, Louisiana, and nearby regions."
Free Energy Audits Offered By Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC
October 5, 2011
"For residential homes and commercial buildings of New Orleans and nearby regions, Star Spray Foam Systems, LLC is offering FREE energy audit services."
Wind Turbines - A New Source of Alternative Energy
October 4, 2011
Wind Turbines is becoming more and more a reasonable and affordable way to harvest energy. By owning your own wind turbine you can have a renewable and free source of energy that will allow the power department to pay you hundreds of dollars a year!
Wind Turbines Affordable For All Markets and Individuals
October 1, 2011
Wind Turbines Cost is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning about alternative energy and the expenses involved.
Government Initiatives Paves the Way for positive Growth in Indian Natural Gas Sector
September 29, 2011
Fast Pace implementation of reforms encouraging huge investments from foreign players and increasing demand for cleaner fuel will drive natural gas production to grow at a CAGR of around 9% CAGR during 2012- 2014, says RNCOS.
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