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Sendrakhitoindians launches the new stone studded rakhis
March 31, 2013 is an online store which is providing wide collection of colorful stone rakhis for the occasion on this 21st August 2013. The soft thread crafted into an amazing product is designed to make the bond between brother and sister.
Unique Rakshabandhan Celebration offers with
March 31, 2013 launches elaborative collection of rakhis along decorative gift packs of sweets and dry fruits for brothers in India and abroad. The rakhi gifts to India are now possible as beautiful varieties.
12 Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience
March 31, 2013
Employee engagement and exceptional customer service play a critical role as a competitive advantage in the business landscape. Great customer service built on a foundation of high employee engagement isn't a revolutionary concept.
Growing in a Down Market
March 31, 2013
Okay, we all know about the recession. I have decided not to focus on the problems but the opportunities (old P&G training kicking in!). So what are the opportunities that we can leverage?
How to Achieve the Ultimate Customer-Focused Company
March 31, 2013
In May 2007, Ranjay Gulati (Michael Ludwig Nemmers Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Organizations at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management), wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review.
How to Provide Corrective Direction
March 31, 2013
Most importantly, you must focus on the situation or issue versus the person, while sharing a more appropriate course of action. We all need to avoid falling into the trap of confusing criticism with constructive feedback.
Seven Steps to a Customer-Focused Company
March 31, 2013
A Customer-focused Vision: Nothing is more important than a clear vision. In a customer-focused organization, the vision that is not just making money, but has the customer as a central element.
Seven Tips to Deal With Unhappy Customers
March 31, 2013
No one likes to receive a complaint -- but complaints are worth their weight in gold if an organization learns from them and then uses the information to improve the customer experience.
Who Do You Work For ?
March 31, 2013
Most people, when they are honest, answer a, b or even c. But if you answered d, are you really working for your customers, or just paying lip service to it?
Make your performance better with MAT for golf!
March 31, 2013
It is noteworthy that this technique has been dramatically improved functional capabilities in all age groups. With this method, seekers can enhance their sports performance and career longevity of competitive athletes.
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