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New book reveals shocking information about the West Memphis Three murders
January 10, 2013
A new book by author William Ramsey outlines newly discovered information about the infamous "West Memphis Three," a group of teenagers responsible convicted of the killing of three eight year old children in the Memphis area.
Photo Book Reading - A New Tool for Faster and Comprehensive Reading
January 10, 2013
At a PhotoReading course you will learn how to use the photographic nature of your mind to increase your memory and read at amazingly fast speeds.
Private: No.1 Suspect is now available on Infibeam
January 8, 2013
James Patterson's Private: No.1 Suspect is a world class book that talks about an investigation firm that is now available on Infibeam at a cost as low as Rs.263/-. This story has action, thrill and a lot of twist and turns in the story.
Primedia eLaunch Promises to Have Custom Ebook Conversion Services and Solutions
January 6, 2013
Primedia eLaunch offers custom eBook Conversion services to help meet the publication demands of customers at competitive prices.
Feel-Good Book By Local Author Makes The Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers List
January 5, 2013
Scrooge and Marley, a book written by local author Karl F. Hollenbach, hit the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List in its category during December 2012.
Pre-order your copy of Love, Chocolate and Medicine now at Infibeam
January 4, 2013
Love, chocolate and Medicine is all about a student who enters into a Medical College and faces problems that are never ending. Life of a Medical student has been described very nicely. What problems they face when they stay in a hostel all away.
Biography of Alfred Porter
January 4, 2013
Find out more about Alfred Porter
Mikazuki Publishing House Announces Successful 2012 Year
January 4, 2013
Mikazuki Publishing House, an American book publisher that specializes in fiction, non-fiction, and childrens books, announced the completion of a successful 2012 year for the company.
Memento Mori Death Row True Crime Stories Kicks Off With Kindle eBook Launch
January 4, 2013
True Crime Stories author, Jessie Bleu Gentry has announced a new e-book series set to launch today featuring bone chilling stories of Women on Death Row.
Buying Houses from A to Z Greets the New Year with a Sale
January 3, 2013
Cash Flow Depot welcomes the New Year with a book sale. Jack Miller's book entitled Buying Houses from A to Z is now on marked down price. The book is an excellent read for both beginners and experts in real estate investing.
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